Exchange Project for Women Artists

A project initiated by female artists of GEDOK Munich with female artists from Riga in cooperation with platform Munich  23. April → 10. May 2020

“Artistic success depends on a healthy network. But what does this network look like in a society that puts competition over solidarity? What does artistic success require? What does a healthy artistic ecosystem need? The exhibition Mycelia is a joint reflection on success, ecosystem, networking and detoxification.

Based on thoughts about biological ecosystems, artists from Munich and Riga explore them in micro-cooperations. The fungus mycelium serves as a model for thought and describes thread-like cells of a fungus. They grow invisibly in the culture medium and combine underground over square kilometres to form a huge biological mass. In this network, mycelia also provide a healthy ecosystem for outside organisms.“


Due to the unknown development of COVID19 we show the exhibition and programs online during 22-04 till 10-05-2020