Initiation of interdisciplinary networks

The spatial centre of PLATFORM is located on a 2000 sqm floor of a former industrial building in the south of Munich, 12 minutes by underground from Marienplatz. The Entreé is a hall for presentations, workshops and events. 23 bright studios are rented to artists and designers. In the PLATFORM office, a permanent team and five volunteers develop programs and publications on current interdisciplinary topics and cultural fields of work.

The aim of PLATFORM is to provide space for innovative creative production, to qualify for future cultural fields of work and to contribute to more attention and appreciation of artistic work - because it courageously crosses borders, enables a different view of the world and broadens thinking.


Founded in 1926 by Ida Dehmel, GEDOK is the largest and longest-serving interdisciplinary artist’s organisation for women in Germany. As a recognized non-profit organisation, GEDOK aims to provide long-term support for talented women artists, to facilitate public recognition of their work, to strengthen the relationships between women artists and art patrons, and by providing institutional and practical assistance, to promote equal opportunity for women. With around 300 members, GEDOK Munich is the largest regional chapter within the nation-wide GEDOK organization.

Project Manager / Curator

She is an independent curator, writer and art historian based in Winterthur, Switzerland and Munich, Germany. Her research focus includes feminism, social practice, art as labor, community-based art practices, photography and the art market. She works in the field of contemporary art with roots in historic developments. One of her main interests is developing new display formats, developing tools and facilitating a broader dialogue between the artist, institution and the audience.

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